Tegucigalpa Airport

Destinations: Tegucigalpa > Roatan Airport

AirlineFlightDestination / OriginDayTime
Castillo Mourra3030  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Monday 07:55
Hermes AirlinesH3  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Monday 08:27
Aerolineas SosaP481  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Monday 13:19
Aerolineas SosaP483  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Monday 16:47
Castillo Mourra3012  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Monday 17:07
Aerolineas SosaP481  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Tuesday 13:47
Aleem1091  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Tuesday 14:23
Aerolineas SosaP483  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Tuesday 16:49
Castillo Mourra3012  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Tuesday 17:07
Castillo Mourra3030  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Wednesday 07:57
Aerolineas SosaP481  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Wednesday 14:06
Aerolineas SosaP483  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Wednesday 16:59
Castillo Mourra3012  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Wednesday 17:31
Castillo Mourra3030  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 07:57
Heli-Iberica  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 08:26
Heli-Iberica  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 08:37
Aleem1091  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 16:22
Aerolineas SosaP481  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 13:34
Aleem1090  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 16:41
Saab Nyge Aero  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 14:37
Aerolineas SosaP483  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 16:37
Castillo Mourra3012  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 17:07
Saab Nyge Aero  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Thursday 18:41
Castillo Mourra3030  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Friday 08:25
Saab Nyge Aero  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Friday 13:37
Aerolineas SosaP481  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Friday 13:52
Saab Nyge Aero  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Friday 14:07
Aerolineas SosaP483  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Friday 17:07
Castillo Mourra3012  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Friday 17:07
Aerolineas SosaP481  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Saturday 13:52
Hawaiian AirlinesHA3  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Saturday 15:23
Heli-Iberica  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 09:23
Aerolineas SosaP481  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 13:29
Aleem1091  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 13:53
Heli-Iberica  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 13:57
Hermes AirlinesH3  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 13:57
Castillo Mourra3027  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 14:07
Castillo Mourra3034  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 17:22
Heli-Iberica  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 14:10
Aerolineas SosaP483  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 16:39
Saab Nyge Aero  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 17:16
Castillo Mourra3012  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 17:27
Hermes AirlinesH3  Roatan Airport (RTB:::HN)Sunday 17:13
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.
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